Access control

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Access control system very popular in organisation , factory ,shops, malls and security technique that regulates who or what can view or use resources in a computing is designed to grant or restrict rights to certain users in the application.

there are four primary types of access control models: mandatory access control (MAC), role-based access control (RBAC), discretionary access control (DAC), and rule-based access control (RBAC).there are many features of access control system Provides High Security,High-performance, maintenance-free,Fast and Perfect Authentication (less than 1 sec.),Reduces administrative cost.

Benefit of Access Control

lets Find some benefits of access control why you need to install.

Frequently asked questions

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Managing employee and visitor access rights at single or multiple locations can become a complex task with many moving parts. But with safety and security on the line, you can’t afford to have a weak link or any gaps in your system. But how can you ensure that you meet your security targets while also achieving the flexibility to deal with new locations, new requirements and new technology? TouchStar’s Lynden Jones reviews some of the most frequently asked questions to provide an overview of how access control works and how TouchStar’s end-to-end management service can help users implement the right solution.

Yes, access cards can be used for other functions. The most common choice is to include the ability for the access control card to hold cash electronically for users. But other options are available, such as using access cards to operate warehouse vehicles like forklift trucks. If you have a question about another application, please contact us for advice.

Yes, with TouchStar’s solution it’s possible to create temporary passes and attach limits, so for example the pass will expire after a certain amount of time or on certain date, and only allow access to specific areas.

No. Anything on or around the access point can usually be kept in place. The main changes will be in the software and the controller. Some locks may need to be changed to comply with the latest BSEN standards which can be looked at separately.